How I Will Help You Sign A Scholarship, Or You Get A 100% Refund

Do you feel?

  • Frustrated by the lack of responses you are getting from college coaches

  • Confused on what strategy you should be using to get college football scholarships

  • Tired of wasting time filling out questionnaires, sending DMs, and going to camps with no results to show

It's not your fault.

How are you supposed to do get a college football scholarship with no stress or frustration when:

  • You're going through this recruiting process for the first time with no guidance

  • You have friends, coaches, and other people telling you things that worked for them (even though they really have no clue)

  • You're using outdated methods that don't work in this new age of recruiting

It's basically impossible at that point.And I would know...

Backup High School QB To College Football QB with 25+ Scholarship Offers

I didn't start my recruiting process until my junior year of high school.It was always my dream to play college football.

  • To play in front of roaring crowd cheering me on.

  • To get my school paid for and set myself up for a successful career.

  • To accomplish that dream little me set out to do.

But I had no clue how to do actually get a college football scholarship.On top of that I didn't even start my last game of high school.I only started 14 games in my career (between high school and junior college).Not a great selling point for college coaches.Yet I still tried.And I tried everything.Emails...
Phone Calls...
Hand-Written Letters...
Nothing seemed to stick.But then I discovered one piece I was missing...

I started to get offers and interest I had only dreamt of.Leading me to talk to 100+ college coaches and receive 25+ scholarship offers.All using a predictable system that anybody can use...


The Scholarship Accelerator Method

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Get access to an ever-growing playbook of resources that teach you how to stand out in the sea of recruits to college coaches. Getting you 15+ interested coaches in the first 24 weeks.

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Phase 2

Build real relationships with college coaches

Inside Scholarship Accelerator, you'll get personally coached by a former college QB on how to talk to college coaches, and have 24/7 support for any help with any unique recruiting situations.

Find the perfect fit for your son

Half of recruiting success is going to the right school. Inside of Scholarship Accelerator, you'll have access to decision making tools so that your family can make the best decision for you and your family.

Phase 3

A trusted service

A VIP Experience

Hear from recruits and parents inside Scholarship Accelerator...

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